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As I write a film blog, I know how big of an industry film is. Film is so advanced, from the technology to the actors in todays society, and its a much more difficult task to break into the film industry compared to maybe 50 years ago. However 50 years ago, aspiring film makers wouldn’t… Continue reading Cahootify




The biggest question on Game of Thrones fans minds at the moment. IS JON SNOW DEAD? Well, a clue may have been given as a poster for the upcoming series next year has been released today, starring none other than Mr Kit Harington’s character Jon Snow. It doesn’t give away much but it’s something, a… Continue reading GAME OF THRONES..LETS CUT THE ANTICIPATION

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Folksonomies and Taxonomies

“Folksonomies also known as social tagging, are user-defined metadata collections. Users do not deliberately create folksonomies and there is rarely a prescribed purpose, but a folksonomy evolves when many users create or store content at particular sites and identify what they think the content is about. “Tag clouds” pinpoint various identifiers and the frequency of… Continue reading Folksonomies and Taxonomies

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Can’t beat a film for Christmas gift…

Hey there! Can you believe how fast Christmas has come around, didn’t seem like yesterday that I was welcoming in 2015 now in just over a month it will be 2016! Its crazy, but new year means new movies, tv. And nevermind next year we still have massive films to see this year, like the… Continue reading Can’t beat a film for Christmas gift…

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Suicide Squad Empire covers

Suicide Squad is most probably one of the highest anticipated films to be released in 2016. And with the first trailer being released in July and now the release of the December edition of Empire which consists some of the characters in the film, the anticipation is just getting bigger! Four Empire covers were released,… Continue reading Suicide Squad Empire covers